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InstantSurvey is an online survey application provided by NetReflector, Inc. It is used by a variety of organizations to conduct surveys of all kinds. NetReflector does not sell, maintain or solicit e-mail addresses. We do not engage in mass e-mail advertising or SPAM of any kind, nor do we condone such practices by our customers.

We highly value our relationships with our customers and survey participants. If you have recently received an unwelcome survey from an InstantSurvey user, we would like to hear about it and ensure that it doesn't happen again. InstantSurvey offers you the ability to block surveys from individual InstantSurvey users, or to globally block all surveys from all users of the InstantSurvey application.

Before proceeding, please consider that globally blocking all InstantSurvey surveys may prevent you from participating in legitimate surveys by organizations that interest you or that you may be a member of.

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